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Bad Bobby Saga – Enhanced Remake 2.0

We’re back, better and sexier than before! Bad Bobby saga v2.0 will take this game series by storm. Now available for free.

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About Bad Bobby Saga

Bad Bobby Saga is another great addition to the world of roleplay games. If you have played games like “Insexual Awakening” and “Kelly Family Mother in Law,” then you will surely enjoy this game too. You will come across numerous game developers in Patreon who have developed these types of games. Some similar ones include “Milfy City” and “Summertime Saga.” Bad Bobby Saga is completely free to download and is playable on any one of your devices.

The majority of the players adore the graphics, characters, and story of the game. Plus, all the nitty-gritty details that were created and left by the developer are also noticeable. The graphical content in Bad Bobby Saga is quite smooth and appears very realistic. It looks like the work of a high-end animation studio. The download size spans up to 2.5GB, but who’s complaining when the graphics are just amazing, right?

It doesn’t matter if you own a device with low specs; you will still be able to partake in the game with high settings and graphics without any low frame or lagging issues. Bad Bobby Saga sticks with incest relationships as the central theme. His relationships aren’t romantic but purely sexual. If you are someone that fetishizes such encounters, then this game is right for you. The way the plot unfolds in the game is truly fun and interesting.

The Storyline

The Bad Bobby Saga is an adult game with powerful visuals. You have to play the role of a young boy character who goes by the name of “Bob.” He is in the early stages of embracing his sexuality, making him horny all the time. Bob lives with his 3 beautiful sisters and his mother. Both the mom and the sisters are extremely sexy with voluptuous figures, which makes Bob develop incest fantasies towards them.

Bob has to deal with and handle all types of family situations in the game. He also has to control his urges of banging his family all the time. There is a balance between playing through the storyline and also engaging in sexual activities with them. However, when the time does come, Bob tries to lure them into multiple sexual relationships by seduction, manipulation, and force too.

The Gameplay & Its Notable Elements

The game starts with You (Bobby) living in his home in a weird way. Bob doesn’t like the idea of going to school, going for walks, and even watching movies. His life is anything but normal and not being able to find his life purpose is eating him in the head. Once you begin the game, you will see that it features the main map, along with some locations that have already been unlocked. One good thing about his home would be how big it is; there are five bedrooms, a TV room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a drawing-room. You will get to move around a lot and not feel bored in just one enclosure.

It isn’t a cryptic game, and you can easily catch up on the plot and the gameplay. The game also features a lot of dialogue since it’s a roleplaying game. So, if you are someone that enjoys such scenes, then it’s a treat for you. As a player, you will have to engage in such conversations and situations to proceed further in the game. But Bob isn’t a likable person, so most players have a hard time using him. You will see the mother getting naked quite early in the game.

It showcases how great the characters are with the game’s aesthetic. The mom is by far the hottest one in the family. His sisters are also amazing, and you get to bang them in various positions. Another highlight of the game would be its excellent sound design. As you engage in sexual acts, be prepared to hear a lot of groaning and moaning. But don’t fret since they aren’t too loud, and it also has a fitting soundtrack. The game does progress in a slow manner.

As a player, you need to click in and around the home, chat with your family, and discover what they truly want. However, a drawback in the game would be how you are made to take frustrating and dumb choices since Bob is a rude character. So, you might get frustrated when your chance of seeing your hot mom undress gets minimized. You will have to blackmail the guilty mother and an angry sister with her nudes that you successfully stole in the game.

One of the sisters is also desperate for some cash, so you end up banging her to give her some dough.

If there is a weak setup and the characters easily submit to blackmailing, then there’s no fun. But in this game, there is resistance from the family, which makes it so much better. You will enjoy the build-up as well as the interesting setup in the game.

The game has good renders, and the stealth type of mini-game is also nice. You get to level up your stealth, earn money, and raise the stats of night corruption. Both the night actions and dialogs are well-structured and super interesting.

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